Terms of Service (Last Updated: October 12th 2022)

Welcome to Augusta! Augusta is a wellness focused social platform. The Augusta application is developed by Augusta Platforms Inc. These General Terms of Service (hereinafter the “Terms” or “ToU” or "Terms of Use") determine the conditions under which an user is authorized to use the application and to benefit from its services. Access to the application and use of the services are conditional upon acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. Therefore, by creating a user account and using the application you agree to comply with the obligations described in this document.

Please read this document carefully and do not register with Augusta if you do not agree with any of the provisions contained herein.

1. User Account Creation 

1.1 In order to use Augusta you must create a User Account that will be specific to you. When creating your User Account we will ask you to provide the following information: your name; your email; your age; a username; a password. These elements are essential to use in Augusta. When creating your user account, the information provided must correspond to your own identity and must not be false or erroneous. You must also agree to keep your User Account password confidential.

1.2 Age Limit:  Augusta is open to users over the age of 17 only. If you are under 17, you are not allowed to create a user account and use the application. If you come across an account by someone below the age of 17, please notify us as soon as possible.

2. Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. You can learn more about how we handle your information in our Privacy Policy (https://www.getaugusta.app/privacy-policy).

3. Safety

We want Augusta to be a safe and positive experience for everyone. We have a no tolerance policy in regards to abusive users or objectionable content. We've outlined here specific rules for content that is prohibited on Augusta. We reserve the right to decide, in our sole discretion, what content violates that spirit and will not be permitted on the platform. You may also report content or users in violations of these guidelines through our in app reporting features or by contacting us at the following email address: contact@augustaplatforms.org.

Harassment & Bullying
We prohibit bullying or harassment of any kind. If someone blocks you, you may not contact them from another account. Sharing another person’s private information without their knowledge and consent is not allowed.
Threats, Violence & Harm
Encouraging violence or dangerous behavior is prohibited — never intimidate or threaten to harm a person, a group of people, or someone’s property. Posts of graphic violence, including animal abuse are not allowed. We don’t allow the glorification of self-harm, including the promotion of self-injury, suicide or eating disorders.
Impersonation, Deceptive Practices & False Information
We prohibit pretending to be someone (or something) that you’re not, or attempting to deceive people about who you are. This includes impersonating your friends, celebrities, brands, or other organizations.We prohibit spreading false information that causes harm or is malicious, such as denying the existence of tragic events, unsubstantiated medical claims, undermining the integrity of civic processes, or manipulating content for false or misleading purposes. We disallow spam and deceptive practices.
Illegal Activity
Don’t use Augusta for any illegal activity — including to promote criminal activity; facilitate or participate in cybercrime; or to buy, sell or facilitate sales of illegal or regulated drugs, contraband, weapons, and counterfeit goods or documents. We prohibit the promotion of regulated goods or industries, including illegal gambling, tobacco products, and alcohol.
Terrorism, Hate Groups, and Hate Speech
Terrorist, extremist and hate groups are prohibited from using our platform. We have no tolerance for content that advocates or advances violent extremism or terrorism. Hate speech or content that demeans, defames, or promotes discrimination or violence on the basis of race, color, caste, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status, immigration status, socio-economic status, age, weight or pregnancy status is prohibited.
Sexually Explicit Content
We prohibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content. We will report all instances of child sexual exploitation to authorities where applicable. Never post, save, or send nude or sexually explicit content involving anyone under the age of 18.

If you violate these guidelines, we may remove the offending content, terminate or limit the visibility of your account, and/or notify law enforcement. If your account is terminated for violating our Terms of Service or these guidelines, you are not allowed to use Augusta again.  

4. Services Description

You may use the services on your phone through the Augusta Mobile Application. The services allow you to (i) create, publish, share content, (ii) view other users' content (iii) interact with them and (iv) delete your content.

5. User Obligations

When using the application, you agree to comply with the provisions described in these Terms of Use. As such, you agree not to: Use Augusta if you are under 17; Use Augusta for advertising or commercial purposes, to publish or facilitate the transmission of advertising, commercial solicitations, spam, "chain letters", "pyramid schemes" or to collect information, data or content about other users without their permission; Tamper or attempt to tamper with the proper working of the application, interfere with access to the application or circumvent any measures we may use to block or restrict access to the services; Use the Augusta application in a deceptive, malicious, discriminatory, or otherwise unlawful manner, such as impersonating someone else for personal or commercial purposes; harm or attempt to harm another person or group, including, but not limited to, bullying, harassment, promotion of sexual content, violence, hate speech, dissemination of false information; Use the Services to intentionally, recklessly or negligently upload, transmit, distribute, store or otherwise make available any content that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, or the privacy, image, dignity or honor of others, including a deceased person. In this regard, please note that you are solely responsible for the content you choose to share on the Application, especially when this content represents other people. We recommend that you always ensure that you have the consent of others to use their image or creations on Augusta. We reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to remove or temporarily or permanently suspend access to any content that is clearly illegal or does not comply with these Terms.

6. User Account Deletion 

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your User Account upon notice from us and without prior notice, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to: Violation or attempted violation of the Terms and/or applicable law; Unexpected technical or security problems; or Long periods of inactivity of your account. In such a case, you are not allowed to create a new User Account. 

7. Intellectual Property 

7.1 The Application is the exclusive property of Augusta Platforms Inc, including its structure, design, interfaces, databases, text, digital content, trademarks, and HTML tags (meta-tags). You may use the Application under a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, revocable license, valid worldwide and until the deletion of your User Account, to share your content and interact with other Users only. Accordingly, you may not reproduce, distribute, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise use the application or any portion thereof in any form whatsoever, except as authorized in writing by us. It is also forbidden to: Extract data by temporary or permanent transfer, or using the application or its visible databases for commercial or other purposes by making them available to the public in whole or in part and substantially in quantitative or qualitative terms; To extract or use in a repeated and systematic way all or part of the visible information of the Application, when such an operation clearly exceeds a normal and private use of the Application; Exploit, market or distribute any component of the application, including but not limited to the visible information of the application, the databases, the services, the programs, the source codes, the algorithms, the methods incorporated in the application; Use any device or software to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the application; or take any action that imposes a disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.
7.2 By using Augusta you will create content of which you may be the author and, if applicable, the owner of the intellectual property rights. When you share content on the application you grant Augusta and all its Users a free, non-exclusive license in any medium to: To Augusta to host, store, reproduce, modify, adapt, display, publish, edit, distribute and sublicense all or part of the content for the purpose of providing the application services to its Users, and to conduct marketing, communication or commercial promotion activities of Augusta. 

8. Indemnification, Warranty Exclusion and Liability

The Application and its services are provided “as is”. Consequently, we do not offer you any guarantee concerning them, and in particular concerning: The conformity of our services to your expectations; The absence of interruption, errors, security breaches, infringement of the rights of third parties in the operation of the application Augusta; The accuracy and reliability of information obtained through the use of our services. More generally, you acknowledge that the Internet, and any telematic network used for data transmission may involve risks related to the lack of protection of certain data against possible misuse and risks of contamination by viruses. Also, Augusta cannot be held responsible for the loss or alteration of data, or for the loss of opportunity or time. We further reserve the right, to the extent permitted by law, to modify, suspend, discontinue or limit the availability of all or any part of our platform for business and operational reasons at any time without notice.

9. Data Protection and Privacy

Users are informed that the personal data collected may be subject to data processing activities in accordance with local laws where applicable. For more details regarding the use of your personal data and your rights, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy (https://www.getaugusta.app/privacy-policy).

10. Modification of the present Terms of Service

Augusta reserves the right to modify its ToU at any time. In this case, Augusta will publish the new versions of the ToU on the pages of the application and will alert users by means of a pop-up window that will appear when opening the application. 

11. Miscellaneous

In the event that all or part of the provisions of the general terms are deemed illegal, unenforceable or inapplicable by a court decision, the other provisions or agreements shall remain applicable, provided that the general scheme of the contract is not disrupted. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the parties. This Agreement, together with the Privacy Policy (https://www.getaugusta.app/privacy-policy), constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.

For any questions, claims or dispute, please contact Augusta at contact@augustaplatforms.org